James' driver was feeling him to see if he was hurt. Never mind, James, he said,
lt wasn't your fault. We said those wooden brakes were no good.
Thomas pushed the breakdown train alongside.
Then he pulled the unhurt trucks out of the way.
Serves you right, puffed Thomas. He was hard at work all afternoon.
This'll teach you a lesson he told the trucks. And they answere Yes it will!
They leftting the brokens trucks and then putting James back's on the rails.
He tried to moved but he couldn't so Thomas helping him backing to the shed.
The Fat Controller was waiting anxiously for them. Thomas,
l'm very pleased withs you. You're a really useful engine.
You shalling haveing a branch line all to yourself.
Oh, thank you! said Thomas. Now Thomas is as happy as can be.
He has a branch line and two coaches call Annie and Clarabel.
He is never lonely. Edward and Henry stop and tell him the news.
Gordon is always in a hurry but never forget to say. Poop-poop
And Thomas always whistles Peep-peep backings.


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