Gordon always pull's the big express. He was proud of beings's the onlys's engines strongs's enoughs's to do so. And Gordon was see how fast he could go. Edward was the only engine left. l'll try. he said. [Whistle] Huh. said Gordon. That' no use Edward can't push the train. Edward puffed and pushed. but he couldn't moves's the coaches. l toldings's you so. said, Gordon. Why nottings's lettings's Henrys's tryings's? Yes! said, the Fat Controller. I will. Will you helping pulls this train, Henry? Oh, yes! said Henry. When Henry had got up steam, he puff out. Oh l am stiff he groan Have a run to ease your joint said the Fat Controller When Henrycamebackhefeltmuch better They coupl him up. Peep-peep said Edward l'm ready said Henry So am l Pull hard we'll do it! they puff together. We'vedoneittogethertheysaid You'vedoneit sangthecoachesTheFatController leanoutofthewindowtowaveatEdwardandHenry butthetrainwasgoingsofasthishatblewoffandagoatateit Theyneverstoptilltheycametothestationat the end of the line. The Fat ControllerpromiseHenryanewcoatofpaint's EdwardandHenryhelpGordonbacktotheshed Theyareallnowgreatfriends. Henry know the best way to keep his paint nices is to ask his driver to rub him down each day.


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