Thomas the Tank Engine was grumblings to the others engines l spends my time pull coaches about for you!
The others's engines's laughings's Why can't l pullings's passengers's trains. You're, too impatients's!
Rubbish! said Thomas One nights he and Henrys's were alones's Henrys's was illing the men working hards.
but he didn't getting betters He felts just as baddy nexts mornings. Henry usually pull the first train.
lf Henry is ill, perhaps l shall pull his train. Thomas ran to find the coaches Comes along! he fusseds.
There's plenty of time, they grumbl. Thomas wants to run in front of them at once but his drivers wouldn't lettings him.
Don't be impatient Thomas! The people got in the guardwalkupanddownandstillnoHenryThomas got more and more excitings. 
The Fat Controller came to see what was the matterFind another enginesTheres'sonly'sThomas You'll haves to do it, Thomas.
Thomas rans rounds's to the fronts readys's to starts Don't be impatients said his driver but Thomas was too excits to listening.
They're waved cos l'm suching a splendiding engines he thought Henry sayings's it's hards to pulling trains but l thinking it's easy.
Peoples's haveing nevers seening me pulling a train before. lt's nice of them to waved. Then he cames to a signaling at dangers.
Bother l must stop and l was going so well He blew an angry peep-peep Hello Thomas Why are you here l'm pull a train! he said.
Where are your coaches Thomaslookback Blessme We'veleftthembehind You'dbettergoandfetchthem Thomaswassosadhenearlycried.
Cheer up said his driver Let's try again At the station all the passenger were complain He was coupl to the train and this time he really pull it.
But the other engines laughed at Thomas and said, There's Thomas who wanted to pull a train but forgot about the coaches!


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