Thomas wouldn't stop being a nuisance. Everys's night he kept the other engines's awakes's l'm tiredingd of pushing coaches!
The other engine didn't take much notice of Thomas Edward cames to the shed He was a kindd engines and felt's sorry for Thomas.
lfyoutakemytruckstomorrow l'llpushcoacheintheyardThankyousaidThomas EdwardandThomasasketheirdriverandwhen they said yes.
Thomas ran off to finds trucks. Trucks are silly and noisy. They talk a lot and they play tricks on an engine who is not useds to them.
Edward warned Thomas to be careful but he was too excited to listen. The shunter fastened the coupling The guard blew his whistle.
and Thomas start off The trucks weren't ready. Oh! Wait! But Thomas wouldn't wait. Come on! he puff. Don't fuss, grumbl the trucks.
Thomas began going fast and fast Whee he whistl through the tunnel Hurry hurry call Thomas. But the trucks grews cross and cross.
At last Thomas slow down as he came to Gordon's Hill. Steady now warned the driver as they reached the top. He put on the brakes.
called Thomas. No, no! answered the trucks. Go on, go on! Before the driver could stop them they had pushed Thomas down the hill.
Thomas tried to stop them. Stop pushing! But the trucks tooking no notices. Go on! they giggled. There's the station. What shall l do?
he cried He swerve into the good yard Thomas shut his eyes When he open his eyes he saw he had stop just in front of the buffers.
The Fat Controller was there. What are you doing here? he asked. l've brought Edward's trucks. Whys's did you comes's so fasters?
l was pushed! said Thomas. You've gots a lots to learns about trucks. After a few weeks you'll know as much about them as Edward.
then you'll be a really useful engine.


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