Dennis the Menace was a film produced by Warner Bros in 1993. It stars Mason Gamble, Walter Matthau, and Christopher Lloyd as the robber.


Dennis Mitchell, a 5 year old, rides his trike down the street and pulls up to the Wilson's house. He yells his famous line "Hey Mr. Wilson!" and Mr. Wilson gets into bed, pretending that he is sick. Dennis sneaks up the stairs and creeps into the room. He inspects Mr. Wilson with a flashlight and thinks he has a temperature, so he opens a bottle of aspirin with his thumbs. The bottle dumps onto the floor, so he picks one pill up and tries to give it to Mr. Wilson, even climbing onto the bed and reaching towards Wilson's mouth. When Wilson snaps his fake teeth at Dennis, Dennis pulls out his slingshot and loads the aspirin into it. He then shoots it into Mr. Wilson's mouth and Mr. Wilson chokes, sitting up immediately. Dennis falls backward and stares in horror. Mr. Wilson spits out the pill and Dennis escapes the house. MORE PLOT TO BE ADDED SOON

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