Date= 2005

Pilot Edit

In Diego saves Sammy the sloth in all to sloths. Click the camera song Click Take A Rood in animal trouble of a sloth. Diego click the camera ZOOM! Sloth stuck in the mud. Diego swinging in the zip song Go Diego Go hey sloth is get the Diego in Tree. Leopala the Llama. Go off. The Rescue Pack song The Rescue Pack in a Glitter ride. Diego in sloth in the jungle. Sloth into the river. A Huge Waterfall. In Diego Undergrass of Alicia Saves the Crocodile in scary animals a Wild Animal of Alligators In sloth in waterfall chases by alligators. In appears cameo Stanley and the alligators Fell into the huge waterfall. The sloth in got tree in Sammy the sloth and all the sloths.

Cast Edit

  • Diego
  • Alicia
  • Click
  • Sammy the Sloth
  • Sloth
  • Alls the sloths
  • Alligators (in scary animals)
  • Stanley the Crocodile (cameo)

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