Green Lantern
250px-Green Lantern Rebirth 6
 is the name of a series of fictional superheroes created by DC Comics who has the ability to create solid objects through the use of a power ring, granted to worthy candidates by the Guardians of the Universe, and are members of the Green Lantern Corps. Its members on Earth include the Golden Age Green Lantern, ​Allen Scott, Sliver Age Lantern ​Hal Jordan, Bronze Age Lanterns ​Guy Gardner and ​John Stewart, and Modern Age Lanterns ​Kyle Raynor and ​Simon Baz. Their enemies include Parallax, Thaal Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps, and the Black Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner have been members of the Justice League of America. Green Lantern Hal Jordan was portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in the 2011 film ​Green Lantern.

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