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Marvin the Martian
[[Marvin 300-1-|250px]]

First appearance

Haredevil Hare (July 24, 1948)

Created by

Chuck Jones

Voiced by

Mel Blanc (1948-1999)
Joe Alaskey (2000-current)
Eric Goldberg (Looney Tunes: Back in Action)
Neil Ross (Air Jordan Commercial, Pinky and the Brain)
Jim Cummings (Superior Duck)
Eric Bauza (The Looney Tunes Show 2010)
Maurice LaMarche (Animaniacs)

Marvin the Martian (or Marvin Martian) is a fictional character appearing in the Looney Tunes cartoons. Marvin's likeness appears in miniature on the Spirit rover on Mars.

Conception and creationEdit

Animation director Chuck Jones noted that Bugs Bunny soon learned to outwit Yosemite Sam (the creation of the senior director, Friz Freleng), so he decided to create the opposite type of character; one who was quiet and soft-spoken, but whose actions were incredibly destructive and legitimately dangerous. Marvin the Martian made his debut in 1948's Haredevil Hare.

Marvin's design was based on a conception of the god Mars. "That was the uniform that Mars wore – that helmet and skirt. We thought putting it on this ant-like creature might be funny. But since he had no mouth, we had to convey that he was speaking totally through his movements. It demanded a kind of expressive body mechanics."[1]

Marvin was never named in the original shorts (though he was called the Commander of Flying Saucer X-2 in The Hasty Hare in 1952), but decades later when the character attracted merchandising interest, the current name was selected.

Actor portrayalEdit

In his first appearance Mel Blanc gave him a stuffy, nasal voice, but later, Marvin the Martian adopted an accent resembling Received Pronunciation. Marvin was voiced in recent years by Joe Alaskey, Bob Bergen, and Eric Goldberg.

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