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Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Directed by

Phil Roman

Produced by

Phil Roman
Bill Schultz

Screenplay by

Dennis Marks


Richard Kind
Dana Hill
Anndi McAfee
Charlotte Rae
Tony Jay
Ed Gilbert
David Lander
Henry Gibson
Rip Taylor

Music by

Henry Mancini


LIVE Entertainment
Turner Pictures
Film Roman
Turner Entertainment

Distributed by

Miramax Films
(Theatrical - USA)

Warner Bros.
(USA Home Media)

Release date(s)

October 1, 1992

July 30, 1993
(United States)



Tom and Jerry: The Movie is a 1992 American animated buddy musical comedy film. The film is directed by Phil Roman and produced by Film Roman and Turner Pictures.

Voice castEdit

Richard Kind as Tom
Dana Hill as Jerry
Anndi McAfee as Robyn Starling
Charlotte Rae as Aunt Pristine Figg
Tony Jay as Lickboot the Lawyer
Ed Gilbert as Puggsy/Daddy Dashing Starling
David L. Lander as Frankie DaFlea
Henry Gibson as Dr. J. "Sweetface" Applecheek
Rip Taylor as Captain Kiddie
Howard Morris as Squawk
Michael Bell as Ferdinand
B.J. Ward as Tom's Owner
Greg Burson as Moving Crew
Don Messick as Droopy
Scott Wojahn, Raymond McLeod and Mitchel D. Moore as The Alleycats
Tino Insana as Patrol Officer
Michael Bell and Sydney Lassick as Straycatchers
Raymond McLeod as Spike (credited as Bulldog)

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