Yogi Bear is an Amaerican animated franchise created and originally produced by Hanna-Barbera.


List of Yogi Bear characters

Yogi BearEdit

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Yogi Bear (voiced by Daws Butler impersonating Art Carney) and Boo Boo Bear (voiced by Don Messick) reside in Jellystone Park and would often try to steal picnic baskets while evading Ranger Smith (voiced by Don Messick). Yogi also has a relationship with his girlfriend Cindy Bear (voiced by Julie Bennett).

Boo-Boo BearEdit

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Yogi's child-like sidekick who tries (and never succeeds) to warn Yogi that "Mr. Ranger" wouldn't like Yogi to steal picnic baskets. He only wears a blue bowtie.

Ranger SmithEdit

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The head ranger who argues with Yogi stealing picnic baskets. He wears a traditional ranger costume.

Cindy BearEdit

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Cindy Bear (voiced by Julie Bennett) is the girlfriend of Yogi Bear. She speaks with a pronounced Southern accent, and carries a parasol.

Films and SpecialsEdit

Hey There, It's Yogi Bear! (1964)Edit

Main article: Hey There, It's Yogi Bear!


Yogi's First Christmas (1980)Edit

Main article: Yogi's First Christmas

Yogi should be asleep during hibernation season, but the Christmas season is keeping him up, and he doesn't want to miss a thing. Because of this, Ranger Smith thinks he'll get Jellystone Lodge shut down sooner, but he may be the only one who can save it.

Yogi Bear's All Star Comedy Christmas Caper (1982)Edit

Main article: Yogi Bear's All Star Comedy Christmas Caper


Yogi's Great Escape (1987)Edit

Main article: Yogi's Great Escape

Yogi finds himself the unwitting adoptive father of three bear cubs. If that wasn't bad enough, he has to find himself and the cubs (along with Boo Boo) a new home -- that isn't a zoo -- when Jellystone Park is to be shut down.

Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose (1987)Edit

Main article: Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose


Yogi and the Invasion of the Space Bears (1988)Edit

Main article: Yogi and the Invasion of the Space Bears

Yogi and Boo Boo go on an out-of-this-world voyage, when they're bear-napped by aliens who plan to conquer Earth.

Yogi the Easter Bear (1994)Edit

Main article: Yogi the Easter Bear

Yogi has to find the Easter Bunny to keep his home at Jellystone Park, and the park itself from closing down.

Yogi Bear (2010)Edit

Main article: Yogi Bear (film)

Yogi and Boo Boo must save Jellystone from being shut down by a corrupt mayor.

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